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I was commissioned to photograph some truely old items for an Antique Dealer in the East. With his permission, I have included his price. If you are interested please email me your area code and phone number, I'll be happy to forward it to him. 

Miniature 19th Century Game Board
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This Miniature 19th Century Game Board has a "frame" moulding and playing pieces in an encased box with slide lid. Original paint. Maine Origin. c.1840  Ex Betty Berdan Collection, Maine 

Miniature Pantry Boxes
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Stack of 3 Miniature "Fingered" Pantry Boxes. Red, green and blue original paint. The red is 2 inches, green is 2.5 inches and the blue is 3 inches in diameter. c.1800-1835 

Early Buttocks Basket
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